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The Idea

A magazine style site that is filled with snippets of well written stuff that’s more informative than Facebook and a hell of a lot less pouty than Instagram. Filled with guest posts from women with something to say.

The idea for ‘And in Other News’ came to me one night in bed when I was mindlessly scrolling through my socials and I realised that while yes I am a mother, and yes that has been all consuming until recent years when the children carved their own groove, I am a lot more than that. I have interests, I have knowledge and I have a desire to learn more from my peers.

I truly believe that a collaboration of bright women is a force to be reckoned with and that friendship underpins every single one of us, so with that in mind I knew I needed to speak to Lauren asap, a fellow mother, writer, reader and all round interesting person with plenty to say.

Together we have nurtured ‘And in Other News’ and hope to grow it into a Thursday fixture with new content every week to keep your inbox enriched.

We hope you enjoy these curated snippets of interest.


Celia & Lauren xx

Let’s build something together.

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