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Queen Elizabeth II-70 facts

Did you know…. One of the Queen’s nicknames was ‘Cabbage’ Her first horse was called Peggy The Queen is the only person in the UK who does not need a driving licence She drove a truck during World War 2 becoming the first female member of the royal family to serve in the forces Her […]

The subtle signs

I am forty-four and that’s OK. I wasn’t OK about turning into this decade but I am fine now that I am in it. When looking back at the different versions of myself that have come and gone I can see positive changes; I am no longer riddled daily with crippling anxiety, I have found […]

Parenting adults

Help! Please can someone write a guide book about how we as parents – parent our adult children. Just like our babies don’t miraculously turn into well adjusted and successful adults at the stroke of midnight on their eighteenth birthday, we don’t miraculously lose our parental instincts, constant worry and need to guide and control. […]

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