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The subtle signs

I am forty-four and that’s OK. I wasn’t OK about turning into this decade but I am fine now that I am in it. When looking back at the different versions of myself that have come and gone I can see positive changes; I am no longer riddled daily with crippling anxiety, I have found […]

Parenting adults

Help! Please can someone write a guide book about how we as parents – parent our adult children. Just like our babies don’t miraculously turn into well adjusted and successful adults at the stroke of midnight on their eighteenth birthday, we don’t miraculously lose our parental instincts, constant worry and need to guide and control. […]

Caravan of Love

This month’s short story winner is Jennifer, well done AION salutes you

She’s Brilliant and British

AION celebrates actress Maxine Peake this month

Hollywood Lunch

A review of Six by Nico, Canary Wharf

Is there too much to watch on television?

A nostalgic look at our TV viewing habits

Gyles Brandreth in Bury

I went to see Gyles Brandreth on tour and I liked it

A Novel Page reviews

AIONs very own book reviewer has this month’s roundup

Back to Life

Love, Loss & Hope. A transition from existing, to living again.

A day out in London-town

A wonderful eat around London with friends

The lost art of letter writing

A short beautifully crafted post that you’ll love.

Little Voice

Learning to speak up is tough if you’re a naturally quieter person.

Short Story Competition

Get your pen ready – it’s AION’s short story competition.

And the Oscar goes to…

AION’s Justine on The Slap. Will Smith vs Chris Rock vs Common Decency

There goes my hero…

On Taylor Hawkins…I feel like I’ve lost a friend or a relative…

I miss my Mum every day

To all of you who have lost their mums, I feel your pain and especially on a milestone like Mother’s Day. Remember always to smile for her by Louise Cairns

COVID-19 got me, then a catastrophic flood: valid excuses for not blogging?

Guest writer Bone & Silver on testing + and Australia’s floods

A Novel Page reviews

AIONs very own book reviewer has this month’s roundup

Six Years Later…

Imagine re-joining your life after a 6 year break. What would you think you’d have missed aside from the obvious?

Easy-Peasey Skinny Creamy Chicken Curry

Quick and easy creamy chicken curry that’s skinny and also taste-tastic!

Short Story Competition Winner

AION’s short story competition winner

DIY Chinese Dinner

AION is making healthy Chinese spring rolls and fried rice – its yummy & easy

Living the Dream

Meet DJ Digital Pocahontas, she’s living her dream.

She’s brilliant and British

AION takes a look at the glamour queen of the kitchen, Nigella Lawson.

I bet you…

In our house we bet for cups of tea… loser puts the kettle on. It’s a high stakes game only for the daring.

A Novel Page reviews

AIONs very own book reviewer has this month’s roundup

A Mixed Tape: We all have one

What’s your mix tape within? Here AION’s Justine gives us hers.

Salon Sleek or Home Comforts

AION asks…Salon vs Home?
Rebecca Johansen gives us the pros & cons of both.

Awesome Aunties

Real auntie or faux auntie, whatever you are, aunties are ace.

Goodnight to our beloved Chester

AION’s editor Lauren has lost her precious Chester. Here she pays tribute to him. Have tissues at the ready.

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