Legal Stuff

User Content

We are not responsible for user content. All user content is the responsibility of the person who uploaded or posted it. We do not accept any responsibility for any user content. If you upload or post any content to our services, we are entitled to assume, and you are promising to us, that you have the right to do that, and that you have the right to allow us to use that content in the way we have set out in this user agreement. You must ensure that any content that you upload or post does not break any of the rules about your conduct below.

We can use user content. User content does not become our property, and we don’t get any exclusive rights over it, unless we’ve signed a separate agreement with you that says otherwise. However, by uploading or posting it, you are giving us the right to show and distribute that content both on and off our services. You also give us the right to change it or combine it with other content (including paid content), for any purpose, without needing to get your agreement. You are not entitled to any payment from us for any use of your user content. You must therefore take care not to upload or post anything which is confidential, commercially sensitive, valuable or which you or someone else would not want shared (for example, personal secrets or patentable ideas). We will always try to credit user content accurately; if we fail to do so, you can contact us and ask us to correct it. We are allowed to use any feedback, ideas or suggestions in user content, without restriction.

We can remove user content. We do not guarantee that any user content will always be available through our services. We can remove any user content from our services at any time, for any reason. You should therefore make sure you have your own copies of any of your content that is important to you.

Removing your own content. You can remove your own comments and posts from public view by logging in to our service and accessing your account dashboard. For security reasons this is the only way to remove them. We do retain internal copies for legal and compliance reasons, but those are not public.

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